Two Stage Liquid-ring Vacuum Pump

Two-stage-pumpTwo Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are better design then single stage vacuum pumps, having advantage of higher capacity at high vacuum and also requires low quantity of water at low pressure compare to single stage vacuum pump. Two stage vacuum pump develops maximum vacuum of 720 mm of hg, when sealing water temperature is 30C( 755 mm of hg barometric pressure & suction temperature of 30C) due to its latest technology and design, it so happen that a smaller model may require as compare to single stage vacuum pump.

The pump can be provided with Closed Loop Liquid operation, automatic control and other features.

There are no teflon balls inside the pump to deteriorate Vacuum performance compare to Single Stage Vacuum pump.

Suction capacity : 90 M3/hr. to 1200 M3/hr.
Maximum vacuum : 720 mm of hg.
Power :  5 HP to 50 HP.